50 Things To Do During Isolation

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Hi lovies! It’s been weeks since our community quarantine started and I’ve never went out. I’ve been doing a lot of things (watching movies mostly) but I still get so bored and if you’re as bored as I am, I might help you with these 50 things that you can do during this time of isolation or even when you’re just alone at home in normal days.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by any sites mentioned.

  1. Watch all you have in your Netflix watch list that you’ve been dying to watch. (Have you watched Money Heist? It’s awesome. Go watch now!)

  2. Read those books that you bought but never had time to read them.

  3. Organize your books.

  4. Write your own stories.

  5. Write poems.

  6. Clean your bedroom.

  7. Get rid of all your old or expired products.

  8. Sort your clothes.

  9. Discover new recipes.

  10. Make new dishes.

  11. Have a video call (Facetime, Messenger, Skype, etc.) with your family/friends and ask them how they’re doing.

  12. Meditate.

  13. Exercise!

  14. Watch your favorite YouTube Channels.

  15. Discover new awesome YouTubers.

  16. Follow interesting Instagram Accounts.

  17. Make a vision board.

  18. Look for fundraising sites and donate. Let’s not forget to help!

  19. Create new playlist on Spotify.

  20. Have a good and long sleep.

  21. Drink vitamins.

  22. Make Pinterest and create boards.

  23. Start a course online.

  24. Review your preview class notes.

  25. Find an online job.

  26. Follow me on Twitter! Hihihi

  27. Play a game! Games are awesome.

  28. Start a blog or make a new blog post.

  29. Start a YouTube Channel.

  30. Do things you haven’t done before at home.

  31. Talk to old and new friends.

  32. Send voice notes.

  33. Stay updated on what’s happening.

  34. Make a reflection everyday.

  35. Make plans for your next vacation.

  36. Find something that can help you earn online.

  37. Try new hobbies.

  38. Watch Itaewon Class.

  39. Follow me on WordPress!

  40. Take a bath and never forget to take care of yourself even you’re stuck in your home.

  41. Set up your Good Wall account.

  42. Make a Dalgona Coffee.

  43. Create your own Dalgona recipe.

  44. Try your editing skills on Canva.

  45. Talk to new people on Bumble.

  46. Try Slowly app and have a digital penpal.

  47. Start Affiliate Marketing.

  48. Engage with bloggers.

  49. Make a journal.

  50. Track your expenses.

Full 50! I’d also love to know what things you do when you’re alone at home/this isolation season, let me know in the comments!

Your friend,

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